Get your HVAC equipment installed in just 15 minutes with the Hung-Rite HVAC Equipment Hangerz

About the Hung-Rite HVAC Equipment Hanger

The Hung-Rite HVAC Equipment Hanger is a fully assembled HVAC equipment support unit capable of holding up to a five ton air handler, or a furnace and coil set weighing up to 400 lbs. Unbox, unfold, make your holes, and hang it rite.

Have that unit installed in as little as 15 minutes! Reduce labor, save time, and leave your customer with a superior equipment installation.

Our hanger uses vibration reducing padding to help quiet unit operation, leaves equipment unobstructed for future maintenance, and will provide proper support to eliminate unit bowing & buckling.


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    Hanger comes fully assembled and ready for installation

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    Uses padding to reduce vibration, for quieter equipment operation

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    Cable locks allow easy leveling of your equipment

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    Hanger is collapsible, and easy to take anywhere!

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    HVAC contractor designed

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    Has separate holes drilled for threaded-rod installations

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    Supports up to a 5 ton air handler or furnace & coil weighing up to 400 lb

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    UL Listed

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    Made in the USA

Why use Hung-Rite`’`s HVAC Equipment Hanger?

Yes, there are many ways to install horizontal HVAC equipment. From using metal strap on the low end, to unistrut and threaded rod on the high end. With our support system, you can combine the benefits of both ends of the spectrum!

Have the ease and quickness of the metal strap option, with the quality of using unistrut, plus a little more! Our hanger utilizes cable locks for quick leveling, padding to reduce unit operation noise, and gives proper support to eliminate equipment buckling.

Additionally, the hanger leaves equipment unobstructed for future maintenance, and even comes with pre-drilled holes for threaded rod during your commercial installations. All of this is available fully assembled, and ready for your use!

Equipment Hanger

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